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Your routine for mental and physical strength.

Anytime, anywhere.

High Intensity from Home

Pilates-inspired workout that uses slow, controlled movement and purposeful cardio bursts to build strength.
Developed by Bridget O'Carroll. Formerly Body by Bridget.

This is an INCLUSIVE space for all levels. Explore our FOUNDATION classes.

Apartment Friendly, Travel Friendly

Designed with minimal equipment, small spaces and busy schedules in mind.  Modifications and amplifications are always offered to be inclusive to all bodies.

״Bridget will give you an incredible workout in a short amount of time. She offers modifications for every movement, focusing on “form over ego.” She is kind to your body, but also asks a lot of it!״



״Bridget's class brings me to the brink of the very last second I could possibly hold a pose or do a movement and it is so hard but feels so good. It honestly is so empowering.״


״I've been taking Bridget's classes for about 9 months and she's already made me so strong, and fully changed my body. "


Winner of the UPenn Wharton Innovation Fund. Partnered with: Google, Microsoft, Paul Mitchell, UCLA, Dartmouth, Bala, Free People, and more.

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