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Qila (KEE•LUH) comes from an Alaska Native (Alutiiq) word for SPIRIT of the EARTH, representing our focus on strength beyond the physical.

About Qila

Qila is a high-intensity Pilates-inspired workout that uses slow, controlled movement and purposeful cardio bursts to build strength.  While intense, modifications and amplifications are always offered.

Studio Qila is the first Native-owned digital fitness studio. Qila was named after our founder's Alaska Native (specifically, Alutiiq) word for "spirit of the earth," representing strength beyond the physical.


Created by founder Bridget O’Carroll. Formerly known as Body by Bridget.

Giving Back

At Studio Qila, our method is centered around pushing through discomfort in order to create change.  We bring that same mentality to create change within our broader communities, and are always looking for ways to extend our impact. As an Indigenous-owned brand, we are especially passionate about supporting under-resourced communities, and amplifying Native and Black voices.

Donation Classes

Together, we have raised over $15K through donation classes, 100% are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting our broader communities. See some of our partners below.

10% Pledge

We build our values directly into our core business model: we allocate 10% of proceeds to organizations supporting BIPOC communities. Previous recipients include Loveland Foundation and Second Change Studios.


We believe wellness should be accessible to everyone. We now offer scholarships to cover the cost of Qila classes for anyone who needs it. If you or someone who know is interested, please email us to setup.

Organizations we work with:    Native Wellness Institute    Loveland Foundation     Second Chance Studios     BUILD     Beirut Emergency Relief Fund     Austin Winter Storm Relief Fund     Make a Wish Maine

We are always looking to learn, grow and expand our reach and ability to support our communities. If there are any organizations close to your heart, or if you represent an organization that would be interested in partnering, please reach out at

About Bridget,
Qila Founder

Bridget is an Austin-based entrepreneur and Pilates instructor, and also works full time as a strategist at Google.


Bridget has worked in strategy & operations for the past 10 years. She holds an MBA from Wharton, a BA from Bowdoin College, and is currently a Product Strategy Lead at Google. Previously, she was Chief of Staff at Uber and a consultant to Fortune 500s.


Bridget was also a pro coach at [solidcore] and trained with SLT.  Growing up, she ran cross country from high school into college, and was a professional and competitive dancer for 10 years, specializing in Irish Dance.

Bridget is an Alaska Native (Alutiiq / Sugpiaq) woman and a registered citizen of Egegik Village. 

She combines her background in Tech and training in movement to build the Qila brand and method, while striving for greater representation, inclusion, and accessibility in the wellness space.
Erica Choo, Qila Instructor

Erica Choo is a Seattle-based fitness instructor, certified NASM personal trainer and former collegiate athlete. She is also a Tech Strategist at Microsoft and holds an MBA from Dartmouth Tuck. 


As an early Qila adopter, Erica was drawn to Qila’s focus on community and on the importance of embracing modifications when necessary.  She is passionate about leveraging fitness to strengthen, uplift, and empower, both mentally and physically. 

Louisa Cannell, Creative Director

Louisa is an LA-based artist and Creative Director. Louisa owns Qila's creative vision across our website, social, photography, and in-person events.

Louisa has a background in illustration, photo production and marketing from Refinery29, VICELAND and Condé Nast Traveler. Other clients include goop, Vogue, Popsugar, National Geographic, Amazon Prime and more.

Louisa centers her art around diversity, women's rights, and social causes. She strives to make women and non-gender binary people feel beautiful and empowered.

The Class

Qila is designed for small spaces, minimal equipment and all bodies. You can use our suggested equipment, swap for everyday items around the house, or opt for body weight only classes.

01. Connection

Access on demand classes on any device (laptop, phone, tablet) with wifi access. For live classes, we connect via Zoom.

02. Comfort

We suggest using a yoga mat (or towel) for class. Feel free to have an extra towel or blanket on hand to protect your joints.

03. Sliders & Light Weights

We often use sliders (or socks) and light weights (or water bottles) in class for extra resistance and activation. 

04. Add Ons

Elevate your practice with a heavier weight or resistance bands. These are always optional.

How does the Qila method work?

Our method prioritizes physical toughness, mental focus and form. We use slow sustained movement to push your slow twitch (or type 1) muscles to failure, then allow them to recover and grow stronger.  Simultaneously, we describe how each movement feels to help you build body awareness and perfect your form.

What do I need for class?

Our classes are designed for small spaces and minimal equipment. Just grab a yoga mat (or towel), sliders (or socks), light weights (or water bottles). Grow your practice with a resistance band and a heavy weight, or modify with just body weight.

Can I take any classes without equipment?

Yes! We have lots of no equipment workouts, including all our Foundations classes. All of our classes can also be modified with no equipment.

What can I expect from a live class?

Live class are offered via Zoom. Feel free to keep your video on or off, either way expect some personalized shoutouts. If you'd like some extra form guidance, just let us know.

I'm nervous! How do I prepare?

That’s ok! This workout is designed to be challenging, but we also offer variations to cater to all bodies and levels. There is no need to prep before your first class: try starting with Foundations, or just jump into a live class.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes! We do lots of bachelorettes, birthdays and wedding party classes, and also offer corporate partnerships. Email us to set up.

How much per class?

You can drop into any class for $10, or explore all our pricing options here.

We never want price to stand between you and joining class. We offer Qila scholarships to whoever needs it.  If that's you, just email us.

Can I gift Qila to a friend?

Absolutely. Click here.

Will I be sore?

Yes :)



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