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Qila's Guide to Women-Founded Valentines Day Gifting

Celebrate (and support) women this Valentine’s Day 🫶 Here are a few things the Qila team has been eyeing.. perfect for gifting or for treating yourself.

Keep an eye out for some discount codes below --

For the Qila Lover:

5. Girlfriend socks 6. Bala weights (10% off with this link) 8. Live the Process pink collection 9. Alala workout outfit (20% off with this link) 19. Rmdy gut health essentials

For the romatic:

1. Susan Alexandra fruit earrings 2. Cuup Valentine's Day collection ($30 off with this link) 3. Dame Pressure Wave (15% off with this link) 4. Fenty Lace Panty 7. Slip Face Mask 20. Jade Purple Brown print

For the night out:

10. Ghia (10% off with this link) 11. Cult Gaia sweater 12. Chunks clip 13. Prados lipstick 14. Hemant and Nandita top 15. Mansur Gavriel Compact Zip Case 16. Gracie Baked Cookies 17. Estelle Colored Glasses 18. Mysa Natural Wine Sellers

* This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

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