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Get to know Studio Qila's founder, Bridget O'Carroll

Updated: Feb 21

Photo by Crissy Fisher

Growing up, I lived in over 40 houses across the four corners of the U.S., Alaska, Ireland, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Whether it was competitive Irish dancing in Ireland or cross country in Maine, fitness always brought me community, confidence and a sense of belonging.

In 2013, I started my career in consulting and began teaching Pilates at [solidcore] soon after. I worked my way up to become a Chief of Staff at Uber, while building my confidence in fitness and becoming a master instructor. In 2020, I was halfway through my Wharton MBA when the pandemic hit, and had just finished another Pilates training cycle with SLT. Feeling lonely and sluggish, I taught a Zoom class to a few friends at school. Friends and acquaintances started asking if they could join, and I realized my peers were seeking connection just as much as I was. So, I developed Pilates-inspired method designed for minimal equipment and small spaces and started teaching weekly. Eventually 500+ people joined me for virtual classes: a community of individuals seeking wellness, intensity and connection from home. As I juggled my MBA internship at Google that summer, I continued to build this platform, and won the Penn Innovation Fund.

Leveraging my background in business and fitness, I officially launched Studio Qila. My goal is to create a place to find your toughness, mental focus and a sense of belonging, no matter where you are, what you look like, or what your background is. We are a digital fitness studio that will continue to evolve to strengthen our community mentally and physically."

- Bridget O'Carroll, Founder of Studio Qila

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