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Black Woman-owned Wellness Brands

This Black History Month is a perfect time to explore Black-owned brands to support 👏all 👏year 👏round👏. These are some of my absolute favorites - buy from them, share them, engage with them.

As an Indigenous woman founder, supporting BIPOC representation + businesses in the wellness space is especially close to my heart. I’m so impressed by these fellow founders + am so excited for you to try these products.

Note these links are not sponsored & solely benefits the brands themselves.

  1. Estelle Colored Glass founded by Stephanie Summerson Hall

  2. Buff Experts founded by Sina Zere

  3. Body Complete Protein founded by Samia Gore working with Dr. Ruby Lathon

  4. Motiva Organics vitamins founded by Tonya Lewis Lee

  5. GlowRx Skincare founded by Dr. Lorraine Beraho

  6. Flyest Tea founded by Shanae Jones

  7. Lolly Lolly Ceramics founded by Lalese Stamps

  8. Chakra Zulu Crystals founded by Paula Hopkins

  9. Joja Fitness founded by Jasmine Tookes (and Josephine Skriver)

  10. ByChari Jewelry founded by Chari Cuthbert

  11. KNC Beauty founded by Kristen Noel Crawley

  12. La Botica Candles founded by Dawn Marie West

  13. Topicals Skincare founded by Olamide Olowe

  14. HOMEBODY Bath soaks founded by Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra and Christy Grammer

  15. Golde founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford (with Issey Kobori)

  16. OUI the People founded by Karen Young

  17. Ami Colé founded by Diarrha Ndiaye

  18. Partake Cookies founded by Denise Woodard

  19. Full Court Sport founded by Marguerite Wade

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