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About Qila

Studio Qila is a high-intensity, Pilates-inspired workout that uses slow, controlled movement and purposeful cardio bursts to build strength. While intense, modifications and amplifications are always offered to be inclusive to all fitness levels.

Our Founder

Qila is founded and led by Bridget O’Carroll. She is also an Austin-based product strategist at Google and Wharton MBA.  Before developing the Qila method, she was a master coach at [solidcore] and trained with SLT.


Bridget is an Alaska Native (Alutiiq / Sugpiaq) woman and a registered citizen of Egegik Village.  Read more

Indigenous Woman Owned

Studio Qila is the first Native-owned digital fitness studio. Qila was named after its founder's Alaska Native (specifically, Alutiiq) word for "spirit," representing strength beyond the physical.

Giving Back

Giving back to under-resourced communities and amplifying BIPOC voices is a core part of Qila, and is integrated directly into their business model. Qila pledges 10% of proceeds to support BIPOC communities, has raised an additional $15K through donation classes, and offer membership scholarships to anyone who needs it.


Awarded the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund for its innovative and accessible method and exceptionally dedicated community.

Press & Partners

Qila has been featured in ShapeThe Cut, and has a guest series on Poosh. Bridget was awarded the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund and was named a 2022 Well+Good Changemaker.


We have also hosted in-person and virtual events with Athleta x SXSWFP Movement and Balaand partnered with Google, Microsoft, UCLA, Dartmouth, Paul Mitchell and more.


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