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All our classes are designed with accessibility in mind: we offer variations for most moves to cater to different bodies, equipment and fitness levels.  

That being said, it always takes a few classes to get used to the Qila method. For a little extra guidance and focus on form, follow the steps below.

New to Qila or just want to reset?

We're here to guide your practice.

01. Breakdown each movement with these intro classes

These intro classes break down the key movements across class types and body focus, highlighting a range of variations you can take to make each fit for your body and the equipment you're using. No equipment is needed for these classes, but we do recommend a mat (or towel) for comfort, and socks (or sliders) for the Slider intros.

02. Explore a few more Foundations classes

All our foundations classes are designed to help you build an understanding of how each movement should feel, explore variations that work best for you, and offer extra guidance around form.  Try these in beginning of your Qila journey, and return to them at any time to feel grounded, reset your form, and continue to build your toolkit of knowledge around each movement.  Sign up for our full Foundations Challenge here.

03. Experience a live class

Live classes are a great way to experience a team atmosphere, build accountability and get more personalized guidance.  We also use music to create a more immersive feel.  Live classes are offered via Zoom. You are more than welcome to keep your video on or off, either way expect some personalized shoutouts. If you'd like some extra form guidance, just let me know. 

04. Dive into weekly curations

Once you get a feel for the movements, start Weekly Curations: your weekly routine for strength and recovery, updated every Monday.  Try to do these in order, which will allow for proper muscle recovery and a full body workout. They can also be complemented with live classes sprinkled in throughout the week.

03. Explore our full on demand library

Now that you have the building blocks down, explore our on demand workouts ranging from 5 - 45 minutes.

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