How does the Qila method work?

Our method prioritizes physical toughness, mental focus and form. We use slow sustained movement to push your slow twitch (or type 1) muscles to failure, then allow them to recover and grow stronger.  Simultaneously, we describe how each movement feels to help you build body awareness and perfect your form.

What do I need for class?

Our classes are designed for small spaces and minimal equipment. Just grab a yoga mat (or towel), sliders (or socks), light weights (or wine bottles). Grow your practice with a resistance band and a heavy weight, or modify with no equipment.

Can I take any classes without equipment?

Yes! All our Foundations classes are equipment-optional, and we also offer no-equipment Mat classes.

What can I expect from a live class?

Live class are offered via Zoom. Feel free to keep your video on or off, either way expect some personalized shoutouts. If you'd like some extra form guidance, just let us know.

I'm nervous! How do I prepare?

That’s ok! This workout is designed to be challenging, but we also offer variations to cater to all bodies and levels. There is no need to prep before your first class: try starting with Foundations, or just jump into a live class.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes! We do lots of bachelorettes, birthdays and wedding party classes, and also offer corporate partnerships. Email us to set up.

How much per class?

You can drop into any class for $10, or explore all our pricing options here.

We never want price to stand between you and joining class. If you're interested in a Qila scholarship, please email us.

Can I gift Qila to a friend?

Absolutely. Click here.

Will I be sore?

Yes :)


Workout Anywhere

Qila is designed for small spaces, minimal equipment and all bodies. You can use our suggested equipment, swap for everyday items around the house, or opt for body weight only classes.

01. Connection

For all classes you will need a device (computer, tablet, phone), wifi access, and for live classes, you will need to connect through Zoom. 

02. Comfort

While optional, we suggest having a yoga mat or towel during this workout for comfort.

03. Sliders

We often use sliders in class for extra resistance and activation. If you don't have sliders, try socks if you're on a hardwood floor or paper plates on carpet.

04. Add Ons

Elevate your practice light weights and resistance bands, but two wine bottles or even cans of beans will also do the trick.